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Turfing and Seeding

Laying turf is an instant way of transforming a barren piece of land into an attractive lawn area. Heron Landscapes UK Ltd uses only the best quality turf from a local grower to achieve the perfect finish to your new lawn.

The most obvious benefits of using turf rather than seeding the area is that although you need to let the turf settle for a few days, you have instant results.

Of course, these day there is a multitude of different turf mixes which usually depends on the use for the lawn, amount of sunlight it receives and so on.

The lawn is generally the main focal point of any garden, if it is laid correctly you will benefit greatly from its practicality but if you get it wrong and you could spend a lot of time and money on remedial works to rectify the problems.


Seeding a lawn is a slower process but given time and care can achieve a fine quality lawn.




Artificial lawns are becoming more and more popular in this busy, hectic lifestyle of today. 


An artificial lawn has many benefits.

  • No Mowing

  • Evergreen All Year

  • No Feeding

  • No Watering

  • No Patching From Wear And Tear

  • Ideal For Busy Families

  • A Great Solution For Pet Owners

  • Easily Cleaned And Washed

  • Perfect For Kids To Play On

  • Hard Wearing

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