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Landscape Gardening Services

For over 4,000 years landscape gardening and design has developed world wide, working in conjunction with nature and used to create stunning and natural looking gardens. Nature has been manipulated and scaled down to fit into the modern hectic lifestyles of today.


Modern landscapes cater for our ever changing needs for somewhere to entertain, relax and even play. These areas include hard landscaping in the form of a patio, decking or gravel area. The use of pergolas give an area to shelter from the summer sun as well as forming the perfect frame for many climbing plants. The use of water in the garden can create a calming, relaxing and tranquil setting as well as encouraging wildlife to share our gardens.

Modern houses tend to have small gardens and privacy in a key factor in the garden. The use of fencing gives instant protection and can be softened by the use of climbing plants and planted shrubs. Planting hedges is a long term investment and again encourages birds and wildlife in to our gardens. As our winters become wetter, the need to protect our lawns and plants increases. The use of land drainage helps to overcome these problems.

Garden Design and its implementation have changed over the centuries to suit the every day needs of people. It will continue to change because it is a subject that has everybody has their own views and ideas of how they want their gardens to look just as the clothing fashion changes. Gardens for recreation and pleasure are the pursuit of most homeowners of today and not just the privileged few.
The success of good garden design is its creation and the pleasure that is sustained from a sound understanding of the client’s requirements. These should ultimately be reflected in the garden created for them and this can only be achieved through consultation and a good customer relationship. We advise when necessary and listen when appropriate but we must never forget that our presence is temporary and it is the client who will ultimately have the pleasure of the finished product

Soft Landscaping
When the hard landscaping phase is complete and the skeleton of the garden is in place, it is time to add the finishing touches of the design and soften the hard edges of the brick-work and paving or drive with planting - the Soft Landscaping.
Our Soft Landscaping Service can be provided as part of the planting plan associated with your garden design or as a 'stand alone' service provided by Heron Landscapes UK Ltd
By providing you with this service, we can furnish you with the following benefits:
Cost effective plans
Designs to suite your budget and needs
Planting serviceAs part of our Soft Landscaping Service we can also provide:
Quality Grade Topsoil.
Supply & Lay Quality Turf.
Supply Quality Mulch for play areas as well as screed for flower beds.
Long term Garden Development.
If you would like to discuss any of the services offered by Heron Landscapes UK Ltd in more detail, then please contact us
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
With a little bit of imagination and a lot of hard work you can transform an overgrown garden like the one in the picture below into a usable, educational and recreational area.  This was a project which we completed for the Community Education Center in Tadcaster, at the end of the project we were proud to receive a glowing testimonial for the work.








Sensory Garden Project (Community Education Centre Tadcaster)

As a requirement of this project Mick had to work with students, including a family learning project, to design and plan the garden. Mick worked closely with all the groups, advising and suggesting the best way forward.


We also worked with the enrichment group at Tadcaster Grammar School who worked under Mick’s supervision doing the initial groundwork's.

Mick and his colleague worked extremely hard to fulfil the requirements of the project, the needs of our students and indeed the staff team at Rose Cottage- creating a tranquil and beautiful space that is used by many groups throughout the year.

"As an aside, Mick has done quite a bit of work at many of the homes of the staff team in the cottage, including mine, expanding my block paving to create an area for my outside table under a pergola, screened off- it looks exotic!

I cannot recommend highly enough, the quality of Heron Landscapes work

Amanda Goodchild
Area Manager- Adult Education
Tadcaster Grammar School



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